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What is FIU iTunes U?

Attention Faculty/Staff: Call For Content

FIU iTunes U is growing every day, but we need your help to get the best content live on the iTunes U site. If you have content that you want published on iTunes U, please submit a Section Request Form. If you already have a section in iTunes U, simply upload your content via the Content Submission Form.

FIU iTunes U Development

The FIU iTunes U Project will be developed in several phases. Two intial phases have been planed, and are outlined below.

Phase 1 Fall 2009:
Intitial Launch of FIU iTunes U

Faculty and staff will be able to request sections to be created through the FIU iTunes U web site at itunesu.fiu.edu or by contacting the UTS Broadcast Video Production Department (BVP) at 305.348.2820. During this phase, content will be managed by BVP.

Phase 2 Spring 2010:
Upload Content Directly to iTunesU

Faculty and staff will have the ability to login directly to their FIU iTunes U sections. This will allow them to upload and manage content within their sections. In this last phase, content sections for student groups and organizations will become available. They will also have the ability to manage content for their respective sections, as well as subscribe to Podcasts.

FIU iTunes U allows iTunes users to view and download FIU content such as lectures, seminars, sports, interviews, course content, and much more. Play the content from your computer or download right to your iPod or other compatible mobile device. You can even subscribe to content just as you do for podcasts. Enhance your education on the go or stay up to date on the latest FIU news. It’s all available on FIU iTunes U.

Learn more about iTunes U from the Apple Web site:

launch FIU iTunesUDownload iTunes

 iTunes U requires the iTunes software.

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